The objective of GentryLinks Books is, ultimately, to explore the hypothesis that gentlemen Scots,
principally by having wealth to invest through the Scottish Investment Trusts in the American
Trans-Mississippi West, took their sports with them, particularly golf. In so doing, the Scottish
gentlemen of this era were hugely instrumental in creating the unexplained, mass-simultaneous,
demand for golf in the United States of America.

This is tackled in three phases, the first two of which seek to provide the foundations:

1. Gentry Links: The Great Men of The Golfers

This provides a starting point, in the pre-photographic era, by grounding detailed research in a famous painting hitherto unexplored, involving the biographies of 52 gentlemen identified in the most famous painting in golf , by Charles Lees, known by its abbreviated title, ‘The Golfers’. This book relates the wealth creation legacies of the gentry as a result of the political patronage of Henry Dundas ‘The Uncrowned King of Scotland’: how the Scots were able to accumulate vast sums, particularly through their appointments to the Honourable East India Company.

2. North Berwick, 1832, … and its Gentry Links

Another iconic, but little-known painting  by Sir Francis Grant, PRA, created in 1832 (entitled historically, the Fathers of North Berwick Golf Club, and currently the First Meeting of North Berwick Golf Club, 1832) inspired further insight into this fascinating period of Scottish social history. Although an earlier painting, this second book is a sequel to Gentry Links: The Great Men of The Golfers because it supports the arguments developed in that book.  It also illustrates an earlier period of political patronage under Lord Milton, and the wealth creation opportunities for the aristocracy in the merchant marine of the Honourable East India Company.   Coincidentally, and most importantly, the gentry links of North Berwick of 1832 provide an explanation as to why Prestwick Golf Club became the Club that hosted the first, and subsequent 10 Open Championships.