The Limited Editions relate to Gentry Links, The Great Men of the Golfers.  But there are some characters who are referred to in both books.

The cost of Limited Editions is £300, except where the characters feature in both books, in which case the total cost is £500, for two Limited Edition books. These books are not for sale individually.

The Limited Editions have additional artwork and text, and each is specifically inscribed in the name of the buyer, commemorating the character selected.  Limited Edition books are beautifully finished in mock leather casings.

The undernoted table reflects the Limited Edition books that may be available to purchase.

1 Sir John Muir Mackenzie of Delvin, Bart. SOLD
2 Sir John Murray Macgregor, Bart.
3 O. Tyndall-Bruce, Esq., of Falkland
4 Sir Charles Shaw
5 Colonel Playfair, St Andrews
6 The Earl of Eglinton and Wyntoun SOLD
7 Robert Lindsay, Esq., of Straiton
8 James Hay, Esq., of Leith
9 The Earl of Leven and Melville
10 Allan Robertson SOLD
11 John T. Gordon, Esq., Sheriff of Edinburgh
12 John Sligo, Esq., of Carmyle YES
13 Hamilton Anstruther, Esq.,
14 John Whyte Melville, Esq of Mount Melville YES SOLD
15 Lord Berriedale
16 F. Blair Esq., of Balthayock
17 The Master of Strathallan
18 John Grant, Esq., of Kilgraston
19 James Wolfe Murray of Cringletie
20 James Ogilvie Fairlie of Coodham YES SOLD
21 John Hay, Esq., of Morton
22 Sir David Baird, of Newbyth, Bart. YES
23 Major Playfair of St Andrews YES SOLD
24 Thomas Patton, Esq.,
25 Sir Ralph Anstruther of Balcaskie YES SOLD
26 John Balfour, Esq., of Balbirnie
27 The Hon David Murray
28 John Stirling, Esq., of St Andrews
29 James Condie, Esq., of Perth
30 Colonel John Murray Belshes of Invermay SOLD
31 James H. Dundas, Esq., WS
32 James Blackwood, Esq., WS
33 Robert Oliphant, Esq., WS YES
34 Charles Robertson, Esq.,
35 Sir Norman M Lockhart of Lee and Carnwarth, Bart.
36 Robert Chambers, Esq.,
37 Colonel Moncrieff
38 Lord Viscount Valentia
39 John Campbell of Glensaddell YES SOLD
40 Henry Macfarlane, Esq., MD
41 Sandy Pirie, Jr
42 Sir John Campbell of Airds YES
43 The Hon Henry Coventry
44 George Cheape, Esq., of Wellfield
45 William Dunn, Musselburgh
46 Captain David Campbell
47 William Peddie, Esq of Black Ruthven SOLD
48 William Wood, Esq., Leith
49 George Dempster, Esq., of Skibo
50 William Goddard, Esq of Leith
51 Robert Patullo, Esq., of St Andrews
52 Sandy Pirie
53 Ginger-beer Girl SOLD