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A new look at an old painting with many new insights and detailed biography.

David Hamilton
Author of Golf – Scotland’s Game


What a refreshing approach to THE iconic golf-related painting ever executed. By using his superb intellectual investigative powers Alastair has brought a completely new perspective and meaning to Lees' masterpiece. It is a great addition to the Library of Golf'.

Peter E. Crabtree.
Co- author with the late Dr David Malcolm of 'Tom Morris of St Andrews, The Colossus of Golf, 1821-1908'.


Alastair Loudon’s great accomplishment with Gentry Links is to stimulate further discussion. To settle debate once and for all is the most boring thing an author could do. Thankfully, Alastair’s mountains of evidence provide fodder for endless discussion around the lunch table and on the course. We don’t know nearly as much about The Golfers as we should, but this book is an important step in a continuing conversation.

David Normoyle
Former Historian of the United States Golf Association
Normoyle Historical Consulting


What makes this effort fascinating is that it presents an entirely new way to look at art. Alastair’s research and documentation is world-class. The art that is included in the book is museum quality and adds greatly to the overall presentation and enjoyment. The tread of the author’s query as to why those in the picture were selected is compelling and sustained throughout. All in all, a wonderful book. Kudos to Alastair.

Bill Westerfeld.
Member of the Museum and Library Committee of the United States Golf Association